Are you a fan of rice?

Are you a fan of rice or is rice your staple food? Well, if you conform to one or both; you know that you can use dozens recipes to come up with different rice based foods. The question is; do you have time to boil the rice and do everything else that needs to be done?

To help you cut down your hours in the kitchen; why not try a rice cooker to cook the rice? A rice cooker has much more convenience than a pressure cooker. Get this; regardless of the type and kind of rice you love such as; jasmine. Brown or basmati rice; a rice cooker will do the trick. It’s a marvel that today’s modern rice cooker comes with advanced technology to make rice.

Cooking rice to perfection every time you are looking forward satisfying your taste buds. Other than quality cooking; a rice cooker saves you a lot of time and energy. These additions; by the way, do not in any way compromise the nutrition and taste content. Given the quality of the rice cooker; it’s important that based on your needs, you consider the type and capacity of the cooker.


The cookers function helps you decide the number of cups the cooker can cook. The type indicates the number and variety of foods that can prepare in little time. If you are a rice lover like I am, you should check out the Zojirushi rice cooker.

I took a month dedicated to sifting through Amazon and Alibaba in pursuit of a rice cooker that meets my cooking demands. Well, after a long search I did get a product that was worth the wait. The cooker that is now one of the bestselling rice cookers and one I love is the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10.

A quick gaze on Amazon reveals that the cooker has a 4.6 star rating. Yes; it’s that good!Kindly note that it is not the cheapest rice cooker in the market today. Fetching a neat $150; it’s nonetheless worth the whole amount.

You may believe that it’s just a glorified cooker, but I would beg to differ; my experience with it has made me feel it be one of the best cookers in the market today. You should consider checking it out!

Unless you wish to go for another rice cooker model such as the Aroma rice cooker or Panasonic rice cooker; I will suggest that you now have a top notch machine that will meet all your rice needs!

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